Black Comedians

The funniest black comedians in America!


These are black comedians we feel are ‘hot’ right now or at one time were hot and have since decided to move on to other things.Black Comedians

This is a unique category because there are so many hilarious black comedians who have moved on from the main stream stand-up comedy scene but continue to be funny in movies and talk shows, etc.

You’ll see comedians on here that you’ve probably haven’t heard from in a while but we felt they were just to damn funny not to have them here and too big of a success.Black Comedians

Eddie Murphy was one of my influences for getting in to stand up and he hasn’t done stand up in a very long time.  But definitely is worthy of acknowledgement.  Remember the ‘the ice cream man’?  Hilarious!

Then you’ll find other comedians that everybody on the planet also knows.  Like Dave Chapelle or Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes.  Huge megastars and deservedly so.

The ‘Hot’ category is full of highly successful comedians that have done a shit ton of quality work on stage and on screen in major movies and TV.  Like Jay Phillips, Aries Spears, Eddie Griffin just to name a few.Black Comedians

If you feel like we are missing someone, as always, feel free to make a recommendation.  We imagine this site will evolve over time and with so many black comedians making a name for themselves this site may never have an end.


Kevin Hart
Dave Chapelle
Hannibal Buress
Alonzo Bodden
Jay Phillips
Katt Williams
DL Hughely
Wanda Sykes
Eddie Murphy
Paul Mooney
Aisha Tyler
Whoopi Goldberg
Eddie Griffin
Tracy Morgan
Aries Spears
Chris Rock