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Black comedians are having a great deal of success in the comedy world and this website features some of the hottest acts in America today!  Comedians you know like Kevin Hart, Bernie Mac, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor and many more. Some comedians you may not know but we hope you do get to know them through this website.Black Comedians

Some black comedians on here are maybe not as hot as the superstars but we suspect one day you will see them in the same light. These comedians in the ‘up and coming’ category are extremely funny but just have not made into the mainstream minds yet. Go to one of their shows and you will walk away with a sore gut from laughing so much and be thinking “it won’t be long before that person is the next superstar”.

Just like the superstars of today, we all have to start somewhere. That’s where the ‘New Comers’ category comes in. These comedians are also very funny but may have just gotten started or are working on breaking through to the next level. It’s fun watching these comedians because this seems to be where they are the hungriest. They have a glimpse of the dream and are fueled by that vision and you can tell it in their voices. And yes, you can also hear in some of their voices shear terror.Black Comedians

The black comedy world is growing very rapidly.  There is so much talent out there, we are adding comedians everyday and like we said, some you’ll know and some you may not know. Either way, this site will entertain you with acts from all professional levels, male and female. Yes women are funny too.

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Complete with the comedians bios, links to their websites, pictures and again a clip of one of their performances. If you would like to hire one these comedians for a show or an event, We’re pretty sure they wouldn’t mind. So contact them through their website link or leave a message here and we will forward it onto them. We DO NOT make any commission off of any comedian who get’s hired through It’s just cause we’re cool like that.Black Comedians

With so many comedians you could literally stay on this one website for hours and laugh you tail off the whole time. We hope you do and if you like this site please Tweet it and tell your friends. We know we don’t have every black comedian in America on here but we are working on it so if you don’t see your favorite black comedian, feel free to let us know and we will put them on here for you.

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Black ComediansIf you are a black comedian and you are not on this site please let us know because we want to help you promote your craft. Being funny is tough enough.  If we can help you gain a few more fans, well, that’s our goal. Feel free to send us a link to your site, contact info for booking purposes, a bio, a funny clip of you on stage and maybe a photo of you. We like to put up pics of the comedians onstage so if you do send one, try and make it of you performing.

We hope you enjoy this site and all the hilarious videos on here and interesting bios.  We also welcome any suggestions you may have to make this site a more entertaining place to visit.

The comedians on here on not listed in any particular order.  Comedy is subjective so there is no way we could begin to find the “correct” order.  So, they are listed in the order in which we posted them.deos on here and interesting bios.  We also welcome any suggestions you may have to make this site a more entertaining place to visit.

Have fun!



Katt Williams (Poor Little Tink Tink)

Katt Williams is one of the funniest black comedians in the world today.

One of our featured Black Comedians

I don’t know about you bet I didn’t watch that much of the Olympics this go around.  Not because I don’t enjoy the Olympics but more because we have been so busy working on this site.  Do you believe that?  Sounded good to me.

No, we enjoyed the Olympics this fourth year and there was one thing that stuck out to us like spinner hubcaps on a Ford Fiesta.  That was the guy who ran in the Olympics that had no legs. Did you see him?   It was pretty impressive to watch but even more than that, I couldn’t help but to laugh every time I seen him run across my TV screen.  Not because I’m a sadistic jackass but because of Katt Williams.  One of the funniest black comedians in the world today.

His bit he does about ‘Poor Little Tink Tink’ is one of the funniest bits I have ever seen and he did that bit several years ago.  Before the Olympics!  Well, obviously, they just got over.  I laughed my ass off the first time I seen him do that bit and now even more, since I finally seen the guy race.

If you haven’t seen the clip, here it is.  It’s also on Katt’s profile but I thought it was appropriate to put on the front page of this site considering the Olympics and Katt is just that damn funny.